Diane Gilman - Sunrise Brands
Breaking every sales record in Teleretailing history

Brand Overview

Diane Gilman has been a leader in the TV-retail space for 20 years, breaking every sales record in Teleretailing history. Her retail distribution includes HSN, QVC Italia, The Shopping Channel and QVC UK.In 2013, Sunrise Brands signed a global master licensing agreement with Diane Gilman to manufacture, distribute and license the brand across all categories.

Diane leverages her designer credentials by appearing on camera before her consumers. She then channels that consumer feedback into the development of her collection, making her all at once the chief-designer and the voice of the Diane Gilman brand. The result is the most intimate connection between a designer and a consumer this industry has ever seen.

Diane Gilman apparel is carried across leading international shopping networks such as HSN, QVC UK, QVC Italia and The Shopping Channel.

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Diane Gilman offers, Denim and Non-Denim Bottoms, Skirts and Dresses, Knit and Woven Tops, Sportswear, Sweaters, Jackets and Outerwear, and Accessories.